The System

The Auto-Shelf system replaces your wall cabinet shelves with automatic, moving shelves. The Auto-Shelf system consists of two shelves that extend out to you and lower to the height of your kitchen countertop……at the push of a button.

• No remodeling required
• Easy, do-it-yourself installation
• Affordable
• Maintain the beauty of your kitchen
• Plugs into a standard wall outlet

Have a barrier free kitchen. The Auto-Shelf system enables shelving from kitchen wall cabinets to be lowered to counter height, providing easy access for people sitting or in a wheelchair.

The Auto-Shelf system is ideal for occupational therapists and physical therapists to recommend to patients. It is easy to convert existing kitchen cabinets to be barrier free by simply removing the existing shelves and mounting the system inside of the cabinet. Auto-Shelf works equally well with new and existing kitchen cabinets.


• Residential • Nursing Homes
• Remodeling • Workplaces
• Assisted Care Facilities • Universities

Prices start at $1,325!

"A revolutionary system to transform your unusable wall cabinets to usable."